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Housing Problem

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I am having a trouble with my current landlord. I have been renting a room in an apartment from August.
I didn't had any problem with my landlord until now.
I have been on a trip back to my country from 1st of February. My landlord send me a message after I left wanted me to know when I plan to move out and that needs 3 months notice and I send it will be April or May. A week ago contacted me again saying that having another candidate for renting the place as soon as possible after 10th of March. I replied that let me have a couple of days to think and then after a week I informed her that can proceed with the renting with the other candidate and that I have another place. I got a repsonse that wants a 3 months notice and then that i took too long to response (I answered in a week) and the other candidate have found a place. What should I do?

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