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Idea for a new exhibition in Stockholm

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Hi everyone!
I have an idea for a new exhibition where the visitor will get to experience life as a Swede. Among other things the visitor will:

Get to taste some of the uniquely Swedish food and drinks, including lingonberry jam, the best knäckebröd, Swedish kaviar and the infamous disgusting-smelling surströmming. Also try some of our most beloved sweets, such as top quality salta licorice candy.

Come close to our festive traditions. Challenge his or her friends in some of our amusing midsummer games, get to dress up as part of a lucia-procession, or put on a beautiful flower wreath for a fantastic photo.

Get to know the modern Swede; how we live, what we value. All about what makes us unique from other countries.

Be able to explore our rich musical treasure in a personalized way, whether you are into native jojk or modern music such as Swedish House Mafia, Icona Pop and Tove Lo.

As a tourist, is this something you think you would have wanted to visit? How appealing would this exhibition be in comparison to other popular activities like the Vasa-, ABBA-, Historical- or Viking musem, Skansen or Fotografiska?
All feedback is appreciated, thank you!

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