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Planning my first visit to Sweden, and if I like what I see then...

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I plan to relocate to Sweden in the coming years, and as a first step I want to travel there for a 1-1,5 week visit. I'm planning a backpacking roadtrip on a budget, so nothing fancy. I'm mostly interested central Sweden, so the goal of my trip will be to get to lake Siljan and tour it's surroundings. (I'm kind of fed up with big city life, so this would also be a first step towards finding my place in the 'rural landscape'.)

I'm prepared to buy all of my food from the grocery store, to have my daily dose of internet in café's, and to pass on every alcoholic beverage, that has more alcohol in it than a beer, I'm even ready to give up on beer for the time of my trip :)

I also would like to do some small-talk with people. I want to experience the atmosphere of the region, I want to see how people feel there, how their lives are (not like they wouldn't be a thousand times better off than people in my home country...), and - because on the long run I want to learn some new profession where I can create something (not in the art sense, more like crafting something) with my own hands - I also want to meet some craftsmen, and ask them about their situation. An article I found on craftsmen living around Siljan is this: , and while I don't really see myself starting to learn how to blow glass, or how to bake crispbread, meeting some of these people could still provide relevant information.

About my accommodation: I want try to find stuff on the site of the Swedish Tourist Association (, maybe Airbnb or even couchsurfing, and I will have a tent with me as well, just to have plan plan B. :)

So could you give me some recommendations about further details I need to know? Or are here any members who relocated recently to rural Sweden?

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    I'm back here, and I hope that I will manage to generate some response this time :)

    My question is about vegetarian dishes in Swedish cuisine. Are there any? I'm a vegetarian who eats fish from time to time, but not to often. As far as eating fish goes, I want to check out some traditional Swedish stuff, like Sill och Potatis ( and so on, but I don't want fish to be the base ingredients of my everyday meals. What are your experiences?

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    Ok, a second and maybe last post here just to round things up.

    The plane tickets are already in my Inbox! I managed to get them for $140 in total.

    I assembled a gear list that looks like this:

    Backpack - Osprey Atmos 65 AG
    Headlamp - Black Diamond Spot
    Pocketknife - Victorinox Classic SD Swiss Army Knife
    Medical Kit - Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight/Watertight .5
    Pants - Prana Stretch Zion Pants
    Shoes - Keen Targhee 2
    Socks - REI Merino Wool Light Hiker II Socks (x3)
    Rain Jacket - Marmot PreCip

    I'm still looking for the possibility to change some things from this list, if you know of any cheaper (but still reliable) backpack, please don't hesitate to mention it

    In two months and a week, I will be off to Sweden! :D

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