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New to Switzerland, looking for investment opportunities.

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How can I invest $500,000 safely in Switzerland? Is it safer to invest the complete amount in Swiss blue chips with dividend yields like Swisscom, Nestle, Zurich Insurance Group? Or buying an apartment with mortgage in Switzerland? I’m from San Fransisco and here on a posting job that would probably see me work 5 years minimum.

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    There are many ways to make income grow at unimaginable pace in Switzerland. A huge philosophy in making wealth lies in the understanding of global economics & finances. I own my own wine brand in Zurich, first 3 years in business was not too profitable until I discovered a connection that changed everything. Now I’m currently working with a margin trading firm that boosts net-worth’s by 600% in 3-6 months. From my personal finance portfolio with them I started last 3 months with $120k. Now I’m worth $1.4m (in just liquid cash alone) and counting. Bought my first ever supercar (porshe 911) in January. Life is fantastic! This firm is open to the public and anyone can create a wonderful journey with them just like mine. You can reach out to their official mail: “synodx@ tutanota . com”

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