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Why is it so hard to make friends in Switzerland??

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Is it just me or is it really hard to find some people in Switzerland who are willing to make good friends with you (especially to foreigners)??
I've been there for only 6 months and I heard you need at least 3 months to completely settle down there so maybe I've been there just too short...what do you think?

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    It's most difficult in Zurich

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    Dear Steven

    I agree. I was born and grew up in Zurich, moved to Berlin four years ago and came back in February 2009. And I'm tremendously bored!!!
    I also agree that the French-speaking part of Switzerland is much more open-minded and outgoing. Zurich is a dreadful place. People have tricked themselves into believing they were living in an international "fashion & lifestyle" metropolis which isn't true.
    They would never fail to remind me that I don't fit with the popular crowd and that I would have to conform ("sich anpassen" is their favorite word), so I went to Berlin to enjoy life and be myself. But that's impossible here in Zurich. I've tried to make friends, but success entails resentment, so most Zurichians aren't interested in making new friends (unless you're what they consider "popular" and "cool") or they simply reject you for being more successful.
    So the only new friends I have all come from Germany!!! And I know many foreigners and Swissies that agree with me how f***ing difficult it is to make friends and get to know people in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. But Zurich is particularly difficult.

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    hiii,well me too...i feel here so alone...i wannna go home...i count the days for christmas holidays....i hope find friends cause i am studing at epfl and i will be in swiss for many years as it i understand how u all strong :p

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    Benno, I have lived in many other places in the world because of my job and this is the first time I hated a country and it's people. I think people should know the facts about the REAL Switzerland and it's nasty people. Sorry guy, but this the truth...

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    You must be swiss!!! I do not beleive a word you are saying.. You are simply defending the swiss and you know that they are very guilty of descimination, they hate evreybody including themselves. I have never seen a smily swiss, they really are a bunch of very SAD people and they hate to see anybody happy. You really know it A.F!
    The swiss are very sick people and theyshould get help. They are hated by the most europeans as you well know for their ignorance.
    In this forum, I see most people agree on the fact the the swiss are very unfriendly and this is a fact unfortunately.

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    Switzerland a land of racism, descrimination and stupidity

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    Sorry I said what I think of Switzerland!! unfortunately most of the people in this forun seem to agree on one thing for sure: Switzerland is one of the most unfriendly places in the world. Yes, it was a nightmare for me and most of my foreign friends.
    Feel free to say anything about the US, that is called freedom of speach.

    take care.

  • exactly the same

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    hia lisa :) i`m exactly the same as you! all i`v heard is bad stuff about meeting people in switzerland but thanksfully some of the comments on here after your post have put my mind at rest a little! i`m moving to switzerland in july think i`m fairly near geneva! x

  • Lisa H

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    Thank you for the lovely reply... its appreciated. I am not feeling as nervous about the move now. Looking fwd to it.

    Thanks again..


  • Juan Ubide Barreda

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    Es normal que no lo conocieras, es tan inmenso y grande. Además, donde yo vivo queda muy lejos de la capital, jejeje. Por donde tú vivías es una zona muy bonita.

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    Find a place where you can learn German / French - in your case

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    Hi Lisa
    I lived in Switzerland for 2 years, it was a long time ago, but it was an experience. My husband is Swiss but we lived in a little village about 1 hr from Zurich. The people were not at all friendly and sometimes I just wanted to shout cos I found them soooo sort of stuck in the mud. Anyway, I went to the Migro school to learn German and met a couple of really cool people there who became good friends. Remember that there are a lot of foreigners living in Switzerland and probably feeling much the same as you. So my advise is to go to a language school and I am sure you will find at least one friend.
    Hang in there!
    I do tend to agree with some of the posts about how unfriendly they are - in the German part they all say Gruetsi every time you pass them but will run a mile if you want to befriend them. I don't say they are all like that, but a lot of them are.
    Best of luck

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    la sierra de guadarrama si la conozco pero no demasiado,los molinos no lo conozco ni me suena.
    yo vivia en la zona de las rozas pero no el pueblo sino las urbanizaciones cercanas.

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