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Would Like To Come Losangeles And Sell My Wood Carvings Products

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Hi i would like to come losangeles and sell my wood carvings products,Anyone there who can invite me we do it together i bring the wood carvings very beautiful carvings then you show me where to sell and we share the profit?Anyone in Losangeles who is interested please.
Karen from Kenya

  • Sarfaraz Hasan

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    I am Sarfaraz Hasan nicknamed Saf an exporter of hand carved architectural woodcarvings which are used for decorating furniture and other woodworks in the homes.
    I will be in Copenhagen, Denmark during 21st August 2019 to 24th August 2019.
    If you wish we can get acquainted and initiate a cordial friendship which may be lead us to a nice future meetings and visiting each other in our homelands. We can discuss some mutually beneficial business too. My business is very fast moving in Europe and very prospering.
    Thanks n regards

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