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    The best way to Discover Socotra island ( yemen)

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    Hi every one
    it is nice to know that you are going to visit my beautiful island Socotra.
    First of all some general information
    You need a car with a driver, it is a land cruiser to reach every part of the island (canyons, protected areas, desert, beaches) and according to your needs the driver and guide can also leave you in a place and pick you up in different places (trekking, boat trips...). Prices from 55 to 60USD/car/day.
    Moreover, prices obviously can change according to type of accomodation (camping or hotel... I understand you prefer hotel, please confirm the level of hotel: *** or ****) and activities (just relaxing and swimming, trekking, snorkeling...) diving anb surfing might have additional cost compared to standard trips.
    The best place to see dolphins is the area from Qalansiya to Shoub by boat trip (to have an idea I can tell you for boat, but you need to check and make local agreements).
    I will be back to Socotra next Wednesday, so I hope to see you soon there and in the mean time I will answer many other questions if you need, please call me at 0039043245203 (Italy) or 00967777990893 (Yemen, from next Wednesday)
    All the best

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