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Assalam mulaiykum!

My name is Engr. Arnel C. Ariap I am Filipino national I’m working in YEMEN as QHSE Manager. My company is one of the Contractor in (OMV) Oil and Gas Explorer project all I have a right to a safe and healthy working environment. I act as a link between management and workers. I am out on site most of the time. I’ m work hard I think a positive I don’t give up

I am aware that during the course of my employment confidential information will be made. Safety Rules for All Employees it is the policy of company. Caution fellow workers when they perform unsafe acts. Don't take chances. Responsible Safety Officer and the supervisor on the project
However, a deteriorating security situation in YEMEN and I decided to hold off on changing my plans until the last minute. I was in YEMEN during some protester in Sana’a about 1 million people protested against the President and were attacked the protester and killing people last week. I think I am lucky to myself and my generation to witness any worse scenario in YEMEN
My best expat souvenir actually comes from when I was living in YEMEN I was formed my own MARTIAL ARTS STYLE ( TAD SUN POK Fighting System) which is HYBRID BOXING more effective and practical self defense for reality. No need to waste your time to master.
The whole experience was focus and I believed that this is my destination (I had no idea what was going on most of the time) still have the statue and smile every time I look at it to performed my duty to the people of YEMEN to provide high quality training program as well as martial arts education in YEMEN.

This is such a fantastic country to explore in YEMENI people do I have an unyielding belief to raised the sports in the Republic of Yemen

  • Engr. Arnel Ariap

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    Dear ALL!

    • We provide instruction in Muay Thai Boxing training and Tad Sun Pok Hybrid Boxing, We are offering beginner's classes as well as the serious competitor.

    • You will be most welcome to train with us for 15 days up to one month visit training program.
    • Hard work, privations, and sacrifices, perseverance in the face of many Practicetioner
    • We have people of all levels from novice to pro-training schedule
    -Sunday 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
    -Tuesday 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
    -Thursday 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM

    • Training is at your own pace with individual instruction as your follow the daily routine.

    • Accommodation at the Camp is on a first come first serve basis

    • Rooms are available when you arrive there are several reasonable
    • Guesthouses and hotels, within 5 Min drives, where you may stay

    • We will help you find a room to suit your needs upon arrival at the
    • Camp

    • Training fees are 1000 YR per session,

    • Training fees are 3000 YR per month

    • Accommodation rates per a month (HOTEL)

    • If you have any questions or concerns then please don't hesitate to contact, I thought it may be a good idea to help everyone.
    Best Regards

    Kru Arnel Ariap
    Founder / Instructor
    Silatredbikol International (Yemen Muaythai Chapter)
    Republic of Yemen
    Mobile: +967-737477181 / +967-711280848
    Office Tel: +967-1-673662 Loc: 162
    E-mail: [...]
    Member: World Muaythai Association (WMA)
    World Kickboxing League (WKL)
    World Kickboxing Association (WKA-USA)
    International Combat Martial Arts Union Association (ICMAUA)
    Sakibo Federation Association (SAKIBO)

    International Higher Martial Arts Science of Education (USA)


    Sifu Samir Nassar
    President / CEO

    “Sports for Peace Center”
    Republic of Yemen
    Mobile: +967-777446629
    Office Tel: +967-1-613729
    E-mail: [...]

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