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Ensuring that women have effective support in place when dealing with a divorce or separation is critical. That is why the Vancouver based non-profit Divorce Circle formed, to empower women to navigate separation with grace. The Divorce Circle seminars cover mental health, family law, and personal finance through a lens of knowledge, empathy, and empowerment. The group has an upcoming Zoom event on April 20th and registration is free to attend.

Founded in Vancouver in 2019 by realtor, Tanis Fritz, of Sotheby's International Realty Canada and mortgage broker, Sabeena Bubber, of Xeva Mortgages. the group is comprised of five professional women from the North Shore on a mission to guide women toward thriving independent financial lives. With five divorces between them, the team offers plenty of personal experience and professional expertise. Alyson Jones, clinical director, child and family therapist, and divorce specialist, of Alyson Jones and Associates, Carly Monahan, investment advisor, of Odlum Brown Limited and Karen Redmond, Lawyer of Redmond Family Law complete the group of experts.

"Having come through the other side of my own divorce, I often receive calls from women who have questions about the process," says Tanis Fritz who co-founded Divorce Circle in 2019. "I discovered a common thread amongst the women I spoke to. They were staying in unhealthy marriages because they didn't understand their finances or rights in family law. There is a lot of shame around money and divorce. The Divorce Circle aims to change that."
After a particularly stressful year and with divorce rates on the rise by up to 30%, relationship experts warn that a pandemic-induced break-up curve may not have peaked quite yet.

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