Docs of Rock Benefit Concert for the Nj Center for the Healing Arts


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The Docs of Rock perform in concert to benefit the NJ Center for the Healing Arts to raise funds for charitable mental health services. $30 Ticket price includes Light fare food and a silent auction

The Docs are are performing in concert to benefit the NJ Center for the Healing Arts, a 501(c)(3) NJ nonprofit organization on March 8th, 2020 at the Downtown Restaurant in Red Bank, from 6-9 pm. The event is a celebration of the organization's 30-year commitment to a mission to provide charitable mental health services to those in need and to raise awareness about about how individuals and entire communities can become advocates for mental health. This year, this organization is placing priority on funding for their Youth Mental Health programs and services, for that is where they see the greatest need,.

The NJ Center for the Healing Arts offers much more than the conventional treatment of mental health "problems" or illnesses. Its integrative perspective focuses on the psychological, social, environmental and biological factors that influence overall well-being. In addition to its numerous professional services that include counseling, psychotherapy, art therapy, creative expressive arts therapies, hypnotherapy, group therapy, yoga, Reiki, meditation, functional medicine, chiropractic and massage, "NJCHA" offers its patrons opportunities for social interaction, artistic expression, storytelling, and a sense of community that enriches the healing process. NJCHA is grateful to the Docs of Rock, for providing the entertainment for this event and for the band members' own mission to give back to organizations that serve the community. The admission price for this event is $30, and, which includes light fare food. There will be a cash bar.

The NJ Center for the Healing Arts is located at 248 Broad Street, Red Bank. For more information, call 747-996-1471

On Sunday March 8, 2020 at 6:00 pm (ends 9:00 pm)

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