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"Dance for me is a a way of working with imagination to find movement and create living pictures that tell stories in an abstract way," says Virginia Duivenvoorden, choreographer at IMGX: Installation Dance and Art at Presentation House Theatre. This dance show about imagery from literary to figurative connects audiences virtually to video, art and performances inside two North Vancouver venues. Virginia's dance piece will livestream in real time from the theatre on April 24th at 7pm. The event also invites audiences into a free Virtual Gallery open from April 21 - 25.

IMGX artists gather virtually to develop works featuring dance, visual arts and community engaged art practice. The project is led by Virginia Duivenvoorden along with artistic director Kay Huang Barnes of crossmaneuver. The two dancers met while working with the Karen Jamieson Dance Company and found common ground after recently reuniting while working with young artists at crossmaneuver.

Crossing disciplines is familiar to both dancers and their upcoming show IMGX is no exception. Visual artist Claudia Artiga joined the project, bringing community art practice into a digital realm. "I create art to spark connections, and seek to capture it through colour, movement and texture," says Artiga.

IMGX is headed for further development next season at the Dance Centre in Vancouver. While in-person shows will hopefully happen again soon, collaborating online is a lifeline for the artists involved and a welcome chance to share their work with audiences again.


IMGX: Installation Dance and Art

April 24 – 7:00pm | Livestream performance

Free Virtual Gallery Online April 21 – 25


Category: Arts | Performing Arts | Dance

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Artists: Virginia Duivenvoorden, Kay Huang Barnes, Claudia Artiga

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