Breaking The Mould: New Signatures from the Democratic Republic of Congo


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'BREAKING THE MOULD: New Signatures from the Democratic Republic of Congo' features the work of 12 emerging artists from DRC, predominantly former students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kinshasa, who are breaking the boundaries of academic training and developing new forms of visual explorations.

The artists are: Arlette Bashizi, Beau Disundi, Ghislain Ditshekedi, Godelive Kasangati, Anastasie Langu, Jamil Lusala, Catheris Mondombo, Arsène Mpiana, Stone Mutshikene, Chris Shongo, Ange Swana and Joycenath Tshamala.

For this exhibition, curator Christine Eyene has selected over fifteen art works and series comprising painting, photography, mixed-media and installation pieces that reflect the new ideas, aesthetics and discourses emerging from the heart of Africa.

Arlette Bashizi’s photography series entitled Re-construction (2020), uses self-portrait to reclaim and reconstruct the image of Black, African, and more particularly Congolese women against persisting stereotypes and misrepresentations. Anastasie Langu explores a similar theme through her series Norm (2021), while Nefercongo (2019) by multidisciplinary artist Chris Shongo elevates Congolese women to the status of Egyptian queen Nefertiti to whom he attributes the origin of an African women’s lineage.

In Foreigner (2019-onging) Godelive Kasangati takes on a more personal introspective approach to dwell on the ruptures in her family history. Trauma, memory, identity, and place are both invested and re-enacted through performative gestures using the photographer’s body. Family history is also the starting point of Perpetual Disconnect (2019-20) by Arsene Mpiana who revisits photographic archives, histories, and myth in an attempt to reconnect with his origins.

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