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"QuAnthem" music is the original composition, energetic and heartfelt performances, by Canadian recording solo artist, engineer, acclaimed DIY musician, singer, songwriter, influenced by a diverse range of Rock, Pop, Alternate pioneers and world cultures.

His High-Quality music and video content:
+ Reached, played, streamed, and found its way into the lives of hundreds of thousands of fans and music lovers from all around the world.
+ Constantly chart-topping and top-ranked by crowd reviews and Indie music platforms, for consecutive years to date.
+ Made it to InterContinental Music Awards ICMA2020 top finalist in the "Best Rock" category from Canada, representing the AMERICA continent.
+ Brought Artist Top-Picks and coverage in Canada Indie Week Music Festival 2020, by major digital, global, and Canadian music podcasts, radios, experts, platforms, and organizers.

Live It Now
Climate Changing Part I and II (SHOW4ME First Pre-release Live)
Mirrored Minds
Child of Enterprise (SHOW4ME First Pre-release Live)
First Time Runner
Gently Truly Insane
Keep It Turned n Part I and II (SHOW4ME First Pre-release Live)
Diamond Hearts (SHOW4ME First Pre-release Live)


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