Sober Adventures in the Rain Forest for American Recovery Individuals and Professionals


Rio Indio Lodge

San Juan de Nicaragua, Rio San Juan, Nicaragua Map

We are a Luxury Resort located along the Indio Maiz Rainforest Reserve, known as "Chandeliers in the Jungle". We utilize our private air transportation from Costa Rica in our all inclusive packages for private air transport, handling all int'l transfers/visas. Packages vary according to your trip preferences, whether it be for adventures in the Jungle or the peace and serentiy while watching the white-faced, spider or howler monkey hop from tree to cascading tree onto our elevated walkways of our $7 million dollar, 350 Acre Resort built above the jungle floor in view of the beautiful Rio San Juan. We feature electricity, air conditioning and wi-fi internet access!

We host individuals or groups of professionals who need a stress free envrironment to escape the sensory overload and stressors from daily life stressors or to attend to the overall self-care needs for those professionals or individuals in recovery who understand the need for regeneration of the Spirtual component in their Recovery in order to be spiritually grounded to face another day in our busy lives.

Our Luxury Resort with offer daily Native Rama guided Fishing tours for Tarpon, Snook, Snapper and many more varieties of both ocean, river and fly fishing. We also offer traveling into the Rain Forest, visiting the Indiginous Rama Indians, returning to the Rio Indio Lodge Resort, humbled by the experiences of others less fortunate than ourselves, reminding us that we forgot that the problems we 'really' face today are all Luxury Problems and, wremember the meaning of 'Gratitude' Humiltity' and of how we really need to remember that our Gifts are only "Just for Today".

These experiences as a sober individual, treated with all amenities of a 5 Star Resort in the middle of the Rain Forest Jungle allows us to return to our world with not only having a diffferent view of the meaning of "luxury problems", but we return with a spiritual awakening unfounded anywhere else in cultured society.

yvonne testa
 yvonne testa