Ivana KU.....

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Ivana KU.....
 Ivana KU.....
За мене:
A unique person who is Emotional yet Practical, Polite yet appear Rude sometimes, Blessed with a good heart and good mind.. A Sincere person who loves to laugh, to see everyone happy.. A Humble person who needs to be understood as is within.. I am..Me (A versatile personality).. That's all I can say nevertheless it's left to You to judge me for what I am to you..
Живеење во:
İstanbul (Turkey)
English, Croatian, Serbian, Turkish
Пријатели, Бизнис контакти
Turkey, Ankara, İstanbul


Animals/Pets, Art, Cooking, Dining out, Drama-Plays/Musicals, Music, Photography, Travel/Sightseeing, Volunteer/Community Activities, Biking, Pool/Snooker, Hockey, Swimming


  • Ivana KU.....
     Ivana KU.....

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