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Sylvia Galecka
 Sylvia Galecka
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I live in Netherlands from six month . I live and work here , but I still looking for a challenges in my live. I would like to develop myself. That's why I'm learning Dutch language and looking for an area when I can show my qualifications . I got UE certifications - Manager Gastronomical and Hotels services. I 'm also keen of kitchen and TV production . I have an experiences in both of this trades. If you looking for a professional help in establishing business contacts with polish producers ,dealers, or from another kind of trade level I can help . I also invite you to see :
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North Brabant (Netherlands)
German, English, Dutch, Polish
Пријатели, Бизнис контакти
Netherlands, Aalsmeer


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Art, Cooking, Movies/Videos, Music, Photography, Travel/Sightseeing, Aerobics, Biking, Tennis/Racquet Sports
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