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faiz moh
 faiz moh
За мене:
meet me and find out.....cse its you who can explain it better
Живеење во:
Arabic, English, Hindi, Italian, Malay
Пријатели, Бизнис контакти
Austria, Finland, Kuwait, Malaysia, Qatar, Russia, Swaziland, Sweden


Camping, Hiking, Outdoor life, Coffee, tea and conversation, Computers/Internet, Cooking, Photography, Shopping, Travel/Sightseeing, Biking, Pool/Snooker, Bowling, Skiing, Skating, Ice skating, Driving and of course playing guitar
Омилена музика:
Eagles Hotel California
Омилени филмови:
keeps changing with new releases
Работи кои ги сакам:
depends on atmosphere and mood
Работи кои ги мразам:
arrogant attitude


  • faiz moh
     faiz moh

    Hi gys. We are Looking for New projects and Tieups for It development in different zones....If anyone is intrested give me a buzz here.

  • faiz moh
     faiz moh

    hey all thankzz for adding me...hope to mee t u gyzzz someday

  • faiz moh
     faiz moh

    hi everybody