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how do i know i'm in blacklist at bahrain

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please advice me if you know , how do i know i'm blacklist at in bahrain


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    Hello My friend,
    I have a friend from indonesia she is blacklist. I want to remover her blacklist can you help me.

    Warm regards,

  • Nancy Foxy

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    Good morning
    Just read your response on one of the ads regarding blacklisted.
    I'm a European nationality,single divorced mother,jobless for a very long time.
    My 21 year old year son and 15 year old daughter were here with me in Bahrain,but due to their high penalties fines that they had(both of them,Immigration Department wanted 4000 Bhd for both of them,they've stayed more then 3 years without a valid visit visa). After negotiation with the Immigration Department they've flown out of the country last year(without payment). Now they're blacklisted in the Immigration Department,so can you help me out?

  • Maria Riza Nepomuceno

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    can you help me find out if im blacklisted in Bahrain ?

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    SIR i got TB in bahrain and the ministry of health blocklisted me, Im already cured and cleared how can i removed the blocklist?

    Thank you

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    Hi sir I am dalvir my cpr no.840432836. Email address (dalvir. Bisla @yahoo. Com)I want come back again Bahrain please tell me about this.

  • Rico koh Samui Party Organiser

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    pls Email me, and i will hlep u


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    thanks for advice here,
    i am so sorry i can't understand what you say
    pls reply me ones with clear statement..

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    Thats very simple dear,
    Travel to Bahrain and if they dont let you thru thats it !!!
    "You surely are Black Listed In Bahrain."

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