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hello sir
my name is ravindra kumar verma. i am from india. i am a civil enigineer, and i am looking for job in denmark, if you have any kind of job for my startup in denmark please offer this job for me, i am hard working man, because i am a working student so i know the value of time and hard work, i am a good learner, i am good team player because i am a sprtsman,
i can do anywork with honesty, please offer me job if you have i will try to give you my 100%
my email address is [...]
i am waiting for your mail
thank you

  • Francesca Canova

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    Hi Ravindra,

    How is the job search going?
    Have a look at this website, they have multiple vacancies for expats across Europe:
    I hope you find something soon! Good luck with the application process.


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    Dear sir.

    I have Doctorate in Engineering with More than 15 Years of Experience in Management.
    I would like to join your organisation in Denmark.
    Thanks and regards,
    DR. BALA
    MY WHATSAPP -0091-7358421143

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