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Joe Moore & Company, Inc.: Watertube Boiler Repair

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We have extensive experience repairing watertube boilers. Our skilled refractory masons can replace refractory front walls and floors and our boilermakers can replace tubes and repair casing.

- Retube boiler
- Tube repair
- Fabricate new casing
- Refractory burner and front wall repair
- Refractory floor and seals repair
- National R stamp repairs
- ASME S stamp alterations
- Low water cutoff installation
- Turbine tubes
- Repair hotspots and repair casing
- B31.1 power piping
- Valve installation
- Repair/replace soot blower valves and elements

For boiler service and repairs, call us at 919.832.1665.

Got a leaking boiler? Call us. We will track the leak down for you.

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