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I'm looking for good people who are willing to help/assist my brother to find a possibly permanent job or serious employers who are willing to give him a chance to work and training anywhere in Germany preferably in Turkish community but that is not a must.
Here is the short story: He was offered a job six months ago from a job agency in Netherlands since then he was tossed from job to job and from agency to agency and now, he is in Belgium without work. This whole experience with the temp agencies it’s a joke. Why would somebody offer you a job keep you for six months promise you permanent work move you from project to project from warehouse to warehouse, city, town and country tell you that you're good worker and then turn around and let you know that your services are no longer needed they also create false charges and fines for shoes, sheets, keys, bike etc. they were promptly returned or were never provided and there's nobody to complain to.
There is a lot of efforts it's been put into this. Leaving my sick Mom home alone working abroad so he can pay some bills home and all for nothing.
Please help all I'm asking is somebody to give him opportunity for work.
My brother Asen speak enough English to communicate and follow instructions. He is fluent in Bulgarian, Turkish and he also speaks some Spanish and Russian and willing to learn German.
In the last six months he has worked in logistics warehouse environment packing – unpacking, ice cream shop and restaurant.
His last job in Bulgaria was a security checkpoint supervisor and EMT assistant in a hospital. He has a degree in forestry and wildlife. He also worked as park Ranger.
Thank you for sparing a few minutes from your day to read my post.
Please simply reply or contact me if you're interested to help.

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