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Virtual German phone number

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Hi. I have just managed to purchase a German Virtual Phone Number in Berlin and have it pointed to my UK landline. I didnt realise that this was possible and thought it usefull to share with all of you. The site i got the number from was http://www.citynumbers.co.uk

Hope this is helpfull for you?

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    we can offer German VoIP Number at lowest price with free incoming calls and forwarding .for pricing ,contact me on skype:yashasviassociates

  • Marie Aubert

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    I don't know anything about this company you adviced, but my collegues used several virtual numbers from another one good provider. It's called Freezvon.com We're international company so we have business relationships with many foreign countries (US,Canada,Germany,Spain). So we ordered some virtual numbers for keeping business communication. It worked great and it was real pleasant to use these numbers. From here we found info about German virtual numbers https://freezvon.com/germany-virtual-numbers.html You may find out more detailed info about its work and even choose country, which virtual number you want to get. These guys offer many types of virtual phone numbers from entire world, so it's possible to find necessary service.

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    I want to tell that I'm using virtual numbers for my buisness in United Kingdom and I am really satisfied with the service of freezvon.com They provide cheap virtual numbers for calls and sms so I am able to contact my clients from everywhere.
    I hope you will find something for you in this service what will help you with your buisness ideas.

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    Hi, I know a very cheap company with various choice of virtual did numbers as I ot my number in Germany and as well in Estonia for 1.50 EUR a month. I woul recommend this website www.voipclub.biz

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    with http://www.telnum.net you can get a virtual number in germany (Berlin) and in 90 countries with call forwarding to landline / mobile phone number or to Skype (like skupein) and to voice mail
    [url=http://telnum.net]get a virtual number here [/url]
    Good luck

  • Munir Mughal

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    every body i read all over whats going on
    but simply i want to say skype is the best,u can get free of cost this from www.skype.com
    i am in skype with I.D. baumunir

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    you have to check https://www.2-waysms.com/?page=virtual_mobile_numbers

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    Hey!they have Germany Numbers too

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    Citynumbers seem to be providing only UK Numbers. Looking at the cost and the mobility i prefer the virtualglobalphone guys. I have a UK and China virtual numbers from them both being forwarded to my phone at Lesotho. Its great as i can get calls pointed to anywhere i need. The guys are www.virtualglobalphone.com

  • Tim la

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    Hallo, Julia.

    Ich bin Tim aus China und lebe in guangzhou China.

    I am learning German and very interest in german and germany, hope sometimes we can talk ,haha, see you soon


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