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Moving from USA to Kiel?

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Hello we will be moving to Germany this summer for a short term assignment. I am from Venezuela but my husband American so would like to find a school for my 3 yr old twins where they might learn SPanish or definately English as well as Geman, any ideas?
Also where do we live? I would prefer Hamburg but my husband does not want to commute, any in between cities? or is my best bet Kiel? is it city enough? ( I have lived in Venezuela, London, Houston) so use to the big cities.
If I decide Kiel what areas do you recomend, I would liek access to transportation not to be isolated in the countrise but do remember liking the area by the beach.
Any advice, links or resources would be appreaicates
Lastly any recomendable German learning programs? Kiel University maybe? I would be interested in that environment as I hae taught in colleges before.

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