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Residence Permit for Finland

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Dear All,
Would you pls. advise me the right way to get residence / work permit for Finland. One of my known person has confirmed that he has applied for my residence permit . and I will get first one year then it will be extended another 3 years. so after living 4 years i can apply for parmanent residence permit. Is it right. Pls. share your views / advise. will highly be appreciated. thank you.

  • mabel navarro

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    I.m to go living in heldenking finlandia
    Please i.m will guestion the residencia permit solicitacion
    I.m do not
    I.m will please imformacion wtha adress the company taxoffie i.m must may regitracion for mover to citizin finlandia yuo help thank nice mabe

  • mabel navarro

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    My permiso residencia por favor en heldenking finlandia gracia anigo foro veso

  • mabel navarro

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    Hola soy mabel com pasapoort europa y voy a fislandia vivir
    Pero deseo saber como y donde puedo solicitar my permiso rwsidwn permanwnte fislandia alguna persona puede ayudarme com su opinion oka buen dia y veso mabe

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    hi could you please let me know is it possible that we can get : Residence Permit for Finland first , and then search Job over there ? or is it mandatory to have job first and then residence permit ? please help ....Any from India , Pak , Bangla have applied : Residence Permit for Finland ? please help .......

  • Saidur Rahman

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    Hi, thanks for the response.............. I already have those information as i have visited all govt. site. thanks once again.

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    I recently informed myself about the ssame topic, and found this information on the internet, perhaps it will help you:

    Worker's Residence Permit

    According to the law, working in Finland will continue to be subject to a favourable decision. Further information and application forms can be found on the Ministry of Labour or Finnish Immigration Service websites.

    To work in Finland you must apply for and obtain a worker's residence permit before reaching Finland.

    Citizens of the Nordic countries do not need neither a worker's residence permit nor a residence permit. Citizens of an EU/EEA country do not need a worker's residence permit. A residence permit for them will be issued by their local police.

    For any other possible exceptions on applying for the first permit in Finland, please contact the Immigration Service directly.

    One set of documents will remain in the Embassy or Consulate and the other set will be sent to Finland to the Immigration Service. Thus to apply for a residence permit and a work permit bring or send all the following documents to the Embassy or Consulate in duplicate:

    1. Completed application form (OLE 101) for a residence and work permit. Application form cannot be faxed, they must be the originals. In addition, remember to sign them.
    2. Statement from the Finnish Department of Labor (Appendix TM 054), Employment Office Statement (Työvoimatoimisto) which your Finnish employer has obtained or detailed information by whom and where your work permit application has been submitted.

    3. Two passport size photos.
    The photos must follow the Passport Photo Guidelines issued by the police in June 2005. Size: 3,6 cm x 4,7 cm (1 3/8 inch x 1 7/8 inch), head: between 3,2 cm x 3,6 cm (1 1/4 inch to 1 3/8 inch). Incorrect pictures cannot be accepted.

    4. Valid passport or other travel document. Please, remember to sign your passport if it is required.

    5. Written proof of your housing arrangements in Finland.

    6. Processing fee and possibly a postal fee.

    The Finnish Immigration Service will process your application and the process usually takes 6 to 8 weeks. The process cannot be started until all paperwork and payment is received. It is not advisable to make any final travel arrangements, particularly purchase of non-refundable air tickets for specific date, prior to approval of your application.

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