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Plumber or general Multiskilled Tradesman.

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My name is Aaron

I have just joined the community. I have a small house (Gite) nr Bagnole d' Lornes. I am looking forward to getting to know the local community but at present I need a bit of initial work to begin making my building habitable.

I need a good reliable plumber (or multi skilled tradesman) to do some basics as economically as possible within about 45 mins of the area. May suit someone who is still fit but is retired or semi-retired as a few extra Euros in pocket. It would great if he/she spoke basic English. If not being able to use Google Translate on phone would be another option.

Can anyone help. Would be great to hear from you.

Thank you.


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    I am searching a plumber in Dubai. I moved to Dubai recently and the pipe connection is damaged in this house. I searched for plumber Dubai from https://handyman-dubai.com/plumbing-services-dubai but didb't get any information. What should I do?

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