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We thinking to move from holland to molyvos on lesbos, please info

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We are thinking of moving to lesbos.
We want to know how many money we need in a month to live there.
We are with two, we want to have spend more time of relaxing but also want to work.
What are the middle cost for:

Energie/gas/ electricity
If we work part time, the costs for healthcare and what if we want extra or espacially when there is no work
The costs of food when we have to buy, its a small town with no big supermarket. just doing normal like pasta or rice and meat and vegetabels, bread and just to put someting on it.
The water a month
The payments to the goverment a month/taxsis
we have 2 dogs do we have to pay taxsis also for them?
Taxis scooter
taxis car
Insurence scooter
insurence car
insurence house
Insurence if i break somestuff by accident of another person
To rent a little house ther i know allready

If i know allthis and think a little extra for free time i know then what i have to earn extra for work in greece.
I hope on some reactions
Thank you, gr joep en debbie

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