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I just moved to Miskolc but am dying to make my way to budapest on weekends. When is the best time to go and can anyone recommend accommodations or the must-do list?

I would love to meet up if anyone wanted to play tourist guide or even grab a drink!

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    Hi! In Budapest, some must see places:

    - Szimpla kert / Pótkulcs / Kuplung / Corvin Tető etc. ; these are the so-called "romkocsma", pubs made from buildings slated for demolition. A true Budapest delicacy.

    - Any of the baths other than Gellert (which is the most touristy one). Szecheny is the most grandiose one. Smaller, more intimate are Király (turkish), Lukács (a taste of commie retro), and Rudas (weekend disco parties in the summer).

    - Normafa (if you have more than a few days in Bp) You can take the "Fogaskerekű" train up the hill to get there. Spectacular view of the city and surrounding hills from János hegy. Nice restaurant / lodge, lángos, etc.

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    yup, it's funny all right...mind you at the moment it's not so easy to move around...I'm actually getting rather sick of Ireland, been living here for too long, and I miss the sun and nice warm weather! Unfortunately the city (Dubai) I want to move to, doesn't seem to want to offer me any jobs, so it appears I'm stuck here for a bit longer :(

    I think there's always nice people, and unplesant people in any country...maybe in certain countries the balance isn't so right though!

    Enjoy the lovely warm weather!


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    it's funny on the world, one is moving away and the ontherone is moving in.
    That'S life...
    I like hungary and i hope you like ireland.
    Especially the hungarian people are really cool...if you live one time in a west european country you know what the people are like in industrial country.
    Not very polite...and no one want to speak to each other all are like enemies.

    Szia Ibo

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    I've actually moved away from Hungary. I am hungarian by birth, and now I live in Ireland, looking for a job in Dubai or Doha! Hope you'll have a nice time in my homeland.


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    Hi Kristina,
    Thanks for the list, i can need it also.
    I also moved to hungary for buisness reasons.
    Krista why you moved to hungary? I'm just interested why other people meve to hungary.


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    no probs at all, let me know if there's anything else you're wondering about...K

  • Krista Aurora

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    That really helped me out, thank you so much Kristina.

    All the best and I will let you know what I saw!

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    hi Krista,

    wow, miskolc, interesting...

    best time to go, is any time, then again that depends on what you want to do. if you actually live in hungary then sure just go whenever you have time...weekend maybe.

    regards to what to see, top things:

    - palace/castle on the buda side - [VAR]
    - Fisherman bastion (halasz bastya) which is also in the castle district
    - Matthias church (Matyas templom) same as above
    - Chain bridge (LANC HID)
    - gellert bath [gellert furdo]
    - hero's square [hosok tere]
    - margaret island [ nargit sziget]
    - gellert hill [ gellert hegy]
    - parliament building [parlament]
    - opera house
    - andrassy road [unesco]

    to do, check out some of the cool beer garden places, well more in spring summer time, there's a cool area around Raday utca with lots of trendy bars, etc.

    to enjoy some cultural activities, go to MUPA which is a state of the art concert hall, museum, theatre etc

    have fun, Budapest is beautiful and fun....i'm afraid i can't meet you to offer my tourist uide services as i don't live in BP anymore, although i am from Buda originally...

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