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Looking for a job or volunteering in Kribi (Cameroon)

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I'm Pieter from Belgium. My girlfriend is looking for a volunteering job nearby Kribi (SW Cameroon). The jobs she prefers is teaching.
Does anyone knows an organisation who organizes such volunteering jobs or payed jobs near Kribi?

Thank you in advance!

  • Ameh Emma

    geplaatst door  in Kameroen forum 

    i am a cameroonian living out of the country. be careful asking any one to help you. do not involve moneytry issues without know the person. I begg of you. yes it is true that Kribi is in the south province of cameroon . and not south west.
    if you girl friend is seriously looking for a teaching job, then she should have a teachers training certificate. and if she has it, what is the problem that she could not fine the job. let her go to the south west (Limbe) and look for french schools and drop her CV. this is the time that schools are looking for teachers.
    get back to me incase of any advise.
    I wish her the best.

  • Daniel N

    geplaatst door  in Kameroen forum 

    Dear Peter,
    Kribi is in the South of Cameroon and not the South West of Cameroon. If she want the SW and to be closer to the sea, then the Fako division is good for her. I can only help her to do that in the South West if she is OK.

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