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Looking for work /Skool In Malta,

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Hey People,

I am new here, but since i've seen malta i decided to make a step, to move there, but for that i have to find some work and a place, it would be also great to find a skool in Art espcially in music, because i finished my school here in the netherlands,
as an Allround artist/Producer as well as an {Chef}kok in restaurants. I got for both my diploma's.

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    Hello, I saw your message, is it possible that you could send me more information about the job, and what i have to do when it will be. and further,

    my email;[...]

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    I'm a recruiter, currently we have some job opportunities for Dutch speakers. Please let me know if you can be interested.

    Best regards,

  • LittleA Minded

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    Thank you for your reaction, is it possible that you can send me more information about it and what you offer,

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    please contact me, we give up to 50% discounts

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