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Looking for an American female friend!

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Hi Everybody!

First of all, welcome to the Netherlands!

Please let me introduce myself:
I'm a Dutch girl, mother of a precious toddler and wife to a hard working man. I am looking for an American expat (prefer a girl/woman age 20-80) who likes to spend time with me and my child. We are raising our 21 month old bilingual: American English and Dutch. As I'm not a native American, I would like to have more language input from a real American lady, whom i can hear speaking/playing/interact with me or child and ask questions about the language!
I'm looking for friendship and, if you like to babysit/have diploma's or other registration in working with children i'd love to see you and our toddler talk a lot have a good time together while i take another course or class. If this evolves in a professional relationship We can eventually talk about housing/money/stuff like that. If this turns out to be a great friendship; perfect too! Maybe you are a wife of an expat and bored because you don't understand Dutch or just can't find your way here and want a buddy to discover the Netherlands with, be my guest!

I'm open to anything, as long as we can talk a lot of American English.
I hope you Americans read this and respond!


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