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Mysteryshopping in the tourism sector

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For one of our clients, we are going to perform mystery visits concerning the tourist trips it organizes in 2016. To this end, we are looking for mystery shoppers whose native language is a language other than Dutch.

Description of work
Every six weeks trips will be made available that need evaluation. As a mystery shopper, you can register for one or more trips per six weeks. You can also participate in more than one period. First you will visit a retail outlet, where you perform a sales conversation and buy two tickets. You then fill out a questionnaire about the experience you had at this point of sale.
On the specified date you will actually take part in the trip. It is mandatory for anyone to perform this part of the research with two people. You will fill out a detailed questionnaire in which your experience are described, afterwards.

• Your native language is a language other than Dutch
• You have proficient knowledge of the English language, both written and spoken
• You are able to describe your experiences in an objective and detailed manner

Expense allowance
Reimbursement of the trips will be based on the full cost of the trip, for which you will submit your receipts for two persons. Food and drinks will be reimbursed, if this is part of the package that you have booked. In all other cases food and drinks will be at your own expense. The reimbursement of the costs takes place when the questionnaires are completed and approved by our quality department, and after the receipts are returned to us.

Sign In
If you are interested in participating as a mystery shopper for this research, please send an email to [...] stating: “Mystery shoppers in the tourism sector”. The mail must be written in English and contain the following information:
1. Your full contact details;
2. Your native language;
3. Your availability (during weeks you want to participate and approximately how many times you want to participate);
4. Any questions you might have.
Based on this information, we will approach you with the available packages, allowing you to specify your interests.

We look forward to receiving your application!

Kind regards, Check your Service

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