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Supportive Dutch language courses in The Hague by The Smiling Dutchman

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Starting from May 14, a five week trial course will take place at the International Club The Hague. This course will hand you the language skills to survive in The Netherlands and it offers you a solid basis of the Dutch language. Furthermore, you will learn to manage yourself in all sorts of everyday situations.

The Smiling Dutchman method is a supportive way of learning the Dutch language. You can contact your language teacher via telephone or e-mail for all of your questions and remarks and he will help you out as soon as possible. This way, you do not have to wait for the next lesson in order to move on. Furthermore, there will be a second teacher available during class to help out students that need extra attention.

In this new way of learning, students will participate in in- and outdoor activities during the lessons; the course is not only educational, better yet, it is fun! Not only maintaining the classic learning methods but creating an environment where each student can individually thrive, Bally’s engaging methods have been a positive experience to his previous students.

For more information about The Smiling Dutchman, visit the website www.smilingdutchman.nl or come meet him personally on April 23 between 19.00 and 21.00 in the International Club The Hague.

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