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Looking for native English speakers for school project

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Hello to all, I'm studying audio engineering at SAE in Rotterdam. I am currently in the preparation stage of my final project at school, which consists of recording/mixing sound for a movie clip. I have chosen a 5 minute excerpt from the popular series Game of Thrones. I am looking for native English speakers (UK, Irish, Scottish etc.) with characterful voices to fill the following roles:

Ned Stark (male, age 50)
Catelyn Stark (female, age 45)
Arya Stark (girl, age 10)
Rickon Stark (boy, age 8)
Night's Watch deserter (male, age 20)
Winterfell servant (male, age 65)
Embroidery instructor (female, age 65)

Prior acting experience is not required, but it would help of course. You should at least have some talent to put specific expression, pace (lip-syncing is not easy!) and emotion in the lines. The original clip with audio will be provided to you as a reference to practice the pace, emotion and timing.

The total duration of the clip being no more than 5 minutes means that each character only has a few lines. From the young boy and girl, all I need is the sound of them giggling/chuckling. The other characters all have at least a couple of lines of 'proper acting' to do. Recording will be done in my school's professionally equipped studios in the Lloydkwartier (Kratonkade) and these recordings should be completed before June 15th at the latest (the sooner the better of course)

If you feel interested to help me out, or if you think you know anyone with an interest in voice acting who is up for the experience of recording in a professional studio, please contact me through this forum or -preferably- at [...]

To be clear, I can not offer you any reimbursement other than a free drink, tram fare and my eternal gratitude. Of course you'll get a copy of the final result where you'll be a voice in an actual (and hopefully professional sounding!) movie clip.

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    well, it seems that my email address got filtered out :) being a persistent fella, I'll try it like this: philip_clinckspoorAThotmail.com

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