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Work in innsbruck, english speaking

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Hello everyone,

I’m Vincent and I just moved from Belgium to Innsbruck, the move is still not 100% processed, but while I’m busy with the move I would to search for some work to in Innsbruck.
The reason I moved to Innsbruck is because of my girlfriend she is from Austria (Kauns – tirol), and now we’re moving together to Innsbruck, she already has work there, she told me it’s not going to be easy to find decent work, cause I’m not speaking German good enough.
So that’s why I post this message here, is there someone who can give me some advice for work in Innsbruck, any help is welcome!
In Belgium I was working in St jude medical, as inventory and quality team leader. But off course I’m aware of the fact I’m not going to find such good work at first in Innsbruck.
So please could someone give me any advice!

So much thanks in advance!

Regards, Vincent

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