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Researching prospective job in Tabuk & related issue

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Hello to all,
I'm currently talking with a recruiter about a potential (non-ESL) job in Tabuk. While I have never lived outside the U.S., I'm very confident, polite and respectful to everyone I encounter.

I am NOT arrogant, obnoxious or critical towards anyone. I have a very small amount of ESL teaching experience. I have always enjoyed meeting people from different nations visiting or living in America.

I'm comfortable being alone-but am also very social. I have befriended many people from other countries during their visits to America.

In general, I'm curious-what can I expect life to be like as a middle aged, non-drinking, confirmed bachelor ?

I'm very glad I found this website-I think it will answer most of my questions.

I would be very thankful for any advice, comments or suggestions from anyone.


A Curious American

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    Hello John Hogan. Did you make it to Tabuk?

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    Dear Friend,

    I am Safiullah from Pakistan, with in 2 months i am also going to Saudia may Tabuk. I would like to tell you one thing that the main thing is your perception about others e.g. if i am a pakistani and having beared on my face so may be you will consider me a terrorist which is actually not true so that you will not interested to be my friend. But the truth is something different i am honestly wana be your friend with out considerong religion and other things. So if u wana be social there so you have to be positive towards others smartly.

    Sorry if i hurt u.

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