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Barcelona, cheap accommodation, taxi, food

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Hi all,

I was really impressed by Barcelona and the sad story is I lost my digital camera on my trip back home, I must have left it is some airport counter or something because nothing else was missing from my bag, the thing is the camera wasn’t a great expensive one, but the memory card had all my trip pictures in it so I couldn’t upload any of them into my blog. I don’t miss my camera I miss my memory card(((((

Cheap lodging in Barca:

i do not advice you to stay at hostel in BCNa centre, cos you will not be able to sleep, when you share the room with 10 people, moreover the beds are durty and the price is 30 euros per person.
when i was the last time in Barcelona in August 2009 i rented a very nice room in the shared apartment just in the city centre (close to LAS RAMBLAS and PLACA CATALUNYA). It was just 25€/night and there were only the landlady (her name is RENA, she speaks english and french) and me.I had my keys, so i was able to come back home even early in the morning and also i was able to take a bath any time i want and i cooked at home, so i saved a lot. If smb is interested, here is her email: [...] or you can rent a room or cheap apartment in Barcelona http://www.BarcelonaRealEstate.es (you can pay at the moment of checking in)

Food – i liked a restaurant “ATIC” on Las Ramblas, very good dishes by not high price

Food &Restaurans in Barca – i liked a restaurants:

• La Fonda Escudellers, carrer dels Escudellers
• Les Quinze Nits, Plaça Reial 6
• Los Caracoles, carrer dels Escudellers

Spain makes a lot of good wine – not just Rioja and Cava

Taxi in Barcelona: All taxis are metered, with the current rates (2010) set at €0.82/kilometre and a minimum fare of €1.80, although this rate rises to €1.04/kilometre and a minimum fare of €1.90 between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. and all day Saturday and bank holidays can take pets for an additional €1.

However, they always seem to be in short supply when you want to get home on a Saturday night and in fact you’ll need to spend quite a time at a taxi rank during any night of the week, let alone flag one down on the street.

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    God, I love Barcelona but its years I haven't been there
    I guess it went through very major changes
    I've been checking the link you've sent eva: www.easyclicktravel.com/Destination/Barcelona-Overvie
    It's o.k., but hey I've been checking prices of hotels too, this site seems to be very cheap
    Have you ever booked rooms through this site? Is it reliable?
    I'll appreciate your true opinion!!

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