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How is Barcelona in summer?

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As I'm staying a long time here I'd like to know how Barcelona is in summer. Is it dry and hot or is the temperature doable? Are there special events in the summer months and go people to other holiday destinations or do they have there holiday over there?

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    Hi Barbara,

    Well if you are in Madrid then Barcelona is great. As we are besides the sea you can always cool down. Yes Barcelona can get a bit hot and humid but if you are just visiting it is very do-able. And plenty of places have air conditioning. Tips include, take the Bus not the Metro - the locals all do this as the Metro Stations do get hot. Follow the locals with their eating habits and eat lunch between 2 and 4 and dinner at 21.00 plus. This also helps you enjoy Barcelona.

    If you are coming for a short stay can we suggest taking a look at http://www.barcelonaflats.co.uk

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