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Advice on working in some Brit Schools in VLC

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I may have an interview at Laude School in Burriana. Is it an OK place to work? I have also applied for a job at Caxton. I have read quite a bit on what to watch out for with British schools in the region.
Questions I would ask would be
Do they do a 12 month contract? If not, then is the teacher made to work their July Summer school,
Do they pay sick pay
How much PPA time they allocate.
The salary (what is acceptable for Valencia?) I saw one place pay 1850 euros pre tax.

Maybe it would be better to ask these questions in an email to have as evidence if some things don't match up to what they promise?


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    I am thinking of relocating to Valencia to teach but some of the forums very worrying has anyone got advice in relation to teaching there, the place has a reputation of being quiet insular, is this true?

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