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After a successful career in secondary education I spent the last eight years of my teaching life in the Costa Blanca. I was sacked from Elians La Nucia in March 2018 because I was campaigning against the dismal salary bonus scheme introduced by the Vice CEO (who came to our school from a failing school in the UK in 2016). On the evening after my sacking he announced he was withdrawing the scheme.

The school owner Alejandro Monzonis Marin is a manipulative and dishonest man who could not even keep his own promise to send me a financial agreement to redress the illegal sacking. (We now await a court date.)

This company - Elians Boston - has the worst labour relations record for any school employer in the region. Do not think about a job in Elians.

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    I applied there several times but they never bothered to acknowledge any of my applications I delivered my last CV in person to their IALE base. The atmosphere was terrible rude and unfriendly. Best of luck with your case but from what I can gather they cover themselves very well

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