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South Africa: the best place for a road trip?

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I read an interesting article that compared different tourist destinations and South Africa was ranked the best place for a road trip - The 850-mile drive from Johannesburg to Cape Town. Apparently you can see there magnificent landscape, big-game terrain, pristine beaches, and towering cliffs.

Is it really worth seeing?


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  • Matt Zarchy

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    Hi Lisa,

    Johannesburg to Cape Town drive is a great one. However, if you really want to knock your socks off, I'd rather fly to Cape Town from Johannesburg (don't waste time), and a road trip down the garden route. It's an incredible drive through wine farms, game farms, the coast and more.

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    Is SA that thrilling?

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    I'll soon be in SA for study purposes and i'm using www.timbu.com to search for hotels and its been most helpful. South Africa seems cool, can't wait to get there.

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    All of your posts have been very helpful....thanks!

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    I am all for site seeing ,I think you should go see South Africa's highest mountain range its beautiful and when you're there you might not want to leave. So just in-case you decide stay longer than you should, find Draknesberg accommodation [www.southernsun.com/regional/pages/drakensberg-accommodatio
    ] . I hope you enjoy your trip and please go to the Draknesberg you'll love it.

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    i would also go with cpt to Durban , Jaw dropping !!!

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    Hi Dieter,

    thanks a lot for your nice message! I wish I could go and see the places you mentioned immediately :-)



  • Dieter Sticht

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    Hi Liesbeth,

    The article is very right! South Africa has the most beautiful and unspoilt landscapes in the world!

    The trip from Johannesburg to Cape Town is'nt the best option though. If you want a nice scenic drive, try one of the garden routes along the eastern or western coasts. Something like Durban to Cape Town. This will be a good option as you will encounter everything from beautiful beaches (Cape Town and Durban) to untouched wild forest landscapes in the Eastern Cape!

    Either way, you'll have a great trip and be really amazed!
    Enjoy and Good Luck!

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