3d Tissue Models 2016


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3D Tissue Models 2016 is designed to tackle critical questions about the true utility and limitations of 3D tissue models in pharmaceutical development.

Hosting top decision makers from industry and academia, this unique summit will provide you with a collaborative platform to share and tackle your key drug development, biological and commercial challenges.

The case-study driven agenda and data centric approach will reveal the practical applications of these technologies, going beyond the science of tissue engineering.

Discover how leading pharmaceutical companies deploy organ-on-a-chip, organoid and other stem cell derived tissue technologies in drug discovery, toxicology, systems pharmacology and DMPK applications - to expedite discovery and translation to clinical research.

For more information visit: www.3d-tissuemodels.com

Category: Conferences | Science, Health and Medicine | Pharmaceuticals | Drug Discovery

Standard: USD 2699

Booking: https://go.evvnt.com/60400-1

Speakers: Brian Berridge (GSK), Adrian Roth (Hoffman La Roche), Kristin Fabre (AstraZeneca), Danilo Tagle (NIH/NCATS), Donna Mendrick (FDA/NCTR)

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