International Biogas and Ad Study Tour


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University of Hohenheim

Garbenstraße, 9, 70599, Stuttgart, Germany Kaart

IBBK Fachgruppe Biogas offers a 4-day study tour starting and ending in Stuttgart. The tour will lead you to several plant operators and biogas companies in southern Germany. Language will be ENGLISH.

The participants of the tour will get in contact with planners of biogas plants, components manufacturers and biogas plant operators as well as biogas plants with new or ground-breaking concepts or technology in Germany.

The tour will cover the following topics:

• Visit of a 700 kW BIOGAS plant with an upgrading unit, cleaning and purifying the raw
BIOGAS into CNG-quality natural gas which is sold at the gas station on site.

• Visit of a BIOGAS plant with gas upgrading and injection. Of the production of around
1,200 m³/h, around 650 m³/h are injected into the local gas grid.

• Visit of a German based gas engine manufacturer.

• Visit of a BIOGAS plant which is digesting all collected biowaste of the Lake Constance
region; Production of 4 Mio kWh/a electricity.

• Visit of a biogas plant digesting 18,000 t/a of biowaste in its vertical fermenter, providing
1,800 households with electricity. This plant was built by OWS Dranco.

• Visit of a sewage treatment plant with a co-fermentation unit processing sewage liquids
of 40,000 inhabitants. BIOGAS production of 5,500 m³/d, ~4 engines with 500 kW total.

• Visit of the Central Agricultural Fair and Oktoberfest in Munich.

• Visit of a 540 kW garage type plant with a yearly input of 17,100 t. Dry/liquid
separation, 6,000 t/a of solid digestate is used as fertilizer.

• Visit of a 900 kW plant digesting 16,000 t/a of food waste, supermarket waste and expired food. This plant was built by FARMATIC.

The Biogas Study Tour will be conducted in English/German and includes sightseeing and cultural aspects. Start and end of the tour will be in Stuttgart.

The Biogas Study Tour can be booked together with the International Biogas Operating and Engineering Course, taking place in the week before the tour, from September 12th t

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