International Conference on Clinical Metagenomics (ICCMg 2016)


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How next-generation sequencing can change clinical biology and therapeutics

Metagenomics, based on next-generation sequencing (NGS), has been available for a decade and is now widely used for research purposes. In parallel, clinicians are currently paying a growing interest in how NGS could help in the diagnosis and management of several diseases. In the field of infectious diseases, metagenomics has demonstrated its potential in the identification of pathogens and the inference of the antibiotic susceptibility profiles of bacteria. On a broader perspective, metagenomics of the intestinal microbiota has open several opportunities in various clinical fields such as obesity, autism and cancer.

From all those findings, we believe that at this point a new, exciting discipline is emerging that we propose to refer as clinical metagenomics, located at the interface of clinical biology and bio-informatics.
While many obstacles remain to be overcome before clinical metagenomics could be used as a routine diagnostic tool, namely the costs, turn-around time and the specific skills it requires, now is a relevant time to gather the major players in clinical metagenomics (clinicians, microbiologists, bio-informaticians, sequencers-manufacturing companies) to discuss the new opportunities, perspectives and ways to bring clinical metagenomics from research laboratories to the patient.

Here, we propose to hold the first international conference on clinical metagenomics in Geneva, Switzerland.

Aim of the conference
To inform a wide audience (students, junior and senior clinicians, biologists, microbiologists, bio-informaticians, private companies) about the new field of clinical metagenomics, from concepts to the possible application for patients.

If you wish to actively participate in the conference, you can submit an abstract:
The deadline for submitting an abstract i

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