Life Transformation & Mind Management Training by Skl3 from 27th of Feb


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Hanumanthanagara, Opp: Matrusagra Hotel, near PES College,

Karnataka, India Kaart

Don't sit back and curse your destiny. Step up and show your potential. Trust me, you have it. One Choice can transform you!

Life Transformation & Mind Management Training by SKL3 from 27th of Feb to 14th of march 2017 - Transforming Life from Good to Great
You Turn Course - You Turn from SKL Three offers the Tips on Mastering the inner Game of Wealth & Mind Management
Life seems to be tough at many stages, the thing is how you get out of this and be a winner in all the situations of life. Sometimes you learn it by yourself and sometimes you need a mentor, a life coach to take you out of many clutches of bad situations.
Most of the successful people in the world were sometime in the dark phase of light and they got the spark from their mentors by reaching them and confronting all the difficulties they are facing off. Burying things does not help, it only digs deep to go in the depressing situations of life.
I am a person who has went through the most difficult situations in my life and I fought back and came out of it by god's grace. But many are not able to cope with. I welcome you all to attend the life changing event and feel yourself how you can come out with a new energy and meaningful life.
Advantages of “You Turn Course”
• Conscious Mind v/s Subconscious Mind
• Left Brain v/s Right Brain
• Business Exponential Growth
• Business + Resources = Exponentials Potential
• Meditation
• Power of 5 Personalities
• Yoga & Breathing Technique
• Believe in Yourself
• Power of Action Plan
• Learn More Earn More
• Empower yourself by empowering others
• How to Break or Build Habits
• Master Technique for overcoming my Particular Fear
• Purpose of life
You Turn Course Information -
6 Life Transformative Session
• 27th Monday 2017 (Feb)
• 28th Tuesday 2017 (Feb)
• 06th Monday 2017 (March)
• 07th Tuesday 2017 (March)
• 13th Monday 2017 (March)
• 14th Tuesday 2017 (March)
Reporting Time: 05:00pm
Session Time: 05:30 pm to 08:00pm
Price Details - Investment 10,000 INR + ST

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