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Animals/Pets, Cooking, Fishing, Gardening, Music, Photography, Travel/Sightseeing, Volunteer/Community Activities, Basketball, Pool/Snooker, Bowling, Scuba Diving, Swimming, Walking/Hiking, 1)*** We are an upcoming technical company seeking for financiers in order to expand it and become competitive in the field of construction as well as holiday residence. As we are experts in our field we want serious offers! If you think that you have money to invest on a market which is currently in serious trouble, you are guaranteed to gain at least 80% profit from reselling real estate in the next few years. For more information contact us in diokarantosd@yahoo.gr / ktiriomeleti@gmail.com 2)*** PROPERTY MANAGEMENT I am looking for an investor who is wealthy enough and has money to invest on land and real property development.I am willing to accept any committment whatsoever from the part of the investor so that he can feel safe for the company and his money of course ( lawyers,etc) My plan is the following : The company will be located in Greece or Cyprus. The investor will own 85% of the company. I will be the managing director and own 15% of the company. I will also have a monthly salary which will be agreed on. I will be responsible for the market research, evaluation and development taking into consideration the company's profit. The company's potential which will be created will be able to: 1) buy land after extensive research. 2) build several buildings of its own or other people's. 3) manage hotels,build them or buy them. 4) construct private properties and sell them in the European market. 5) buy houses,repair or renovate them and sell them afterwards gaining profit. I must also inform you that there are already a couple of projects worth considering promptly. If you are interested in any of this please send me an e-mail. Also, we can agree on an appropriate time for both of us and talk on skype. Yours Sincerely, Dimitris Diokarantos. E-mail diokarantosd@yahoo.gr skype diokarantos.dimitris tel +30 6984022512


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CURRICULUM VITAE First Name: Dimitris Last Name: Diokarantos Date / Place of Birth: 16-05-1965 / Greece Home Address: Alikarnassou 28, Piraeus,Greece.PC 18539 Telephone Contact :+30698 4022512 Marital Status : Divorced- 2 children aged 19 and 13. E-mail : diokarantosd@yahoo.gr EDUCATION: 1/01/1982 -30/09/1984 KETEK( Public Technical School ) Specialty : Mechanical-Thermohydraulic .Final grade at school: 17,8 /20. FORMER WORKING EXPERIENCE PERSONAL COMPANY :1/01/2006 until 01/10/2011 Study and Supervision of construction works as well as Mechanical Installations. KION ANONYMOUS TECHNICAL CORPORATION/ MANAGING AND PERFORMING TECHNICAL CONSTRUCTIONS : 1/07/2003 until 31/08/2005 Assistant manager and supervisor of mechanical constructions, structural works and coordination of works as well. LIBERIS PUBLISHING ( ANONYMOUS CORPORATION): 7/11/1997 until 17/06/2003. During the first 4 years I was in charge of the technical department in the field of supporting the buildings of the company. In the last 2 years I supervised the new premises which were being constructed in Koropi and I was in charge of the technical works. PERSONAL COMPANY : 1/01/ 1987 until 25/10/1997 Mechanical and Hydraulic Installations. JOHN KORONTZIS ( ANONYMOUS TECHNICAL CONSTRUCTIONS) 14/09/1986 unti 30/12 /1986 As assistant mechanical in Technical High Schools in Vouligmenis A venue in Athens as well as in the central building of Tzanion Hospital in Piraeus. MILITARY SERVICE IN INFANTRY- SPECIALTY IN MECHANICAL WORKS. 3/12/1984 until 3/09/1986 I worked professionally in encampment in Tripolis, Rhodes 294 and Kastelorizo in constructions of new encampements and in a part of construction of the airport in Kastelorizo. Then I was transferred in ASDEN in Athens and worked in the new accommodation of the encampment. MATHOS RENIERIS ( TECHNICAL-MECHANICAL CONSTRUCTIONS) 1/06/1977 until 30/10/1983 Practical practice in constructions, heating, fire extinctions and electrical installations as an assistant of technical works. P.S 1/01/1983 until 30/10/1983. During my attendance in KETEK , I practiced and taught my classmates in constructions of mechanical works, teaching in technical labs under the supervision of my professor in KETEK Mr Konstantinos Politis. DIMITRIS DIOKARANTOS