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Where to bring your car for service / maintenance?

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Dear all,

I have got a question regarding a car repair.
I only spot those very small auto garages in the industrial areas and the high end exclusive dealers authorized by Toyota or so ..

Are there no bigger, well - known or certified garages which do advertising and have perhaps more then 1 office in algeria?

I am willing to travel like lets say Algier +-200km as I am generally traveling on business purpose.

Please guys help.
I dont want to give my car to these very smal shops but I also don't want to spend millions at the Toyota dealer ...

  • Garage at aldershot

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    For car servicing in elevated class, specialized standards with huge savings on conservation and substitution by fully competent technicians, Service Any Car Garage is the decisive destination. Contact us for car servicing in aldershot Crowthorne,Farnbourough, Yateley

    Check contact details here:

  • Hichem ALEM

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    Hi.. If you're here till now
    here in Algeria those small garage may be more efficacity from some dealers authorized, I can help you if you're in my area "Setif"..
    good luck

  • Gå til Simon wernss profil


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    No one any idea?

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