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Swedish girl looking for sponsorship/employment in Australia

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Hi there!

My name is Johanna, I'm nearly 21 years old and from Sweden.

I've been working as an aupair in on of Sydneys surburbs for 11 months, taking care of three boys in the ages 2, 5 and 8 with mild hearingloss and ADHD.

It's about 2 months since I left Australia, but I'm already planning to go back as I fell in love with the country. I would very much like to study and settle down in Australia one day.

Right now I'm looking for a sponsorship and/or employment, (preferably in Sydney), and your help would be very much appreciated!

As you may understand I've got working experience with children, but I've also got almost three years experience as a substitute paramedic for old people suffering from demensia and alzheimers disease.

I'm currently working at a pizzeria, and my main task is the cooking (except from the pizzas, for now). I'm also responsible for the cleaning, serving and handeling the cash-register. Besides from the pizzeria I'm still working as a fill-in substitute paramedic, and I'm also doing some cleaning for some different companies during the weekends when I'm not at the pizzeria.

I consider myself as very service-minded, responsibility-taking, kind and easy going. I enjoy working in a group but also by myself and I don't mind taking the role as a leader.

I'm loyal and I like to learn, I'm good with people and I can handle stressful situations and create structure with an creative eye and hand.

As you may see I'm a very hard working girl, so hopefully I might sound interesting to you, and it would be very much appreciated if someone would like to help/give me an employment or sponsorship.

Then I wouldn't be able to thank you enough!

With kindest regards
Johanna Jonsson, Sweden

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