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Best timing?

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hey .. I just want to ask when it'll be the best timing to go to Dubai and find work there? Hope I can hear all your advice and responses! Many thanks!

  • geraldine cruz

    innsent av  i Dubai forum 

    yes,I go there to find work not just for a vacation, Thank you for the information. Probably I'l be arriving to Dubai this Coming Nov. 26. Hopefully I get one as soon as I arrive there. Thanks!

  • innsent av  i Dubai forum 

    What I understood from your question that you are looking for the best time to come to Dubai seeking job and not a vist.
    If I am right, then I will tell you, if you are seeking job then anytime will be good, actually there is no best timing, all the times are good.
    But if you want to Visit Dubai and start THEN looking for job, then you have to come now.. it is getting nice and cool day after day, and by December it will be just lovely.
    let me give you a heads-up for job seeking: you can start with
    Hope that will help.

    P.S. there is a reply to you from (zafar iqbal) saying: " hay btw let me tell u in this part of the world people r rasist so think twice before playing ur cards." !!! RASIST !!! dude !!!

  • innsent av  i Dubai forum 

    hi how are you ?you can visit dubai in after febrwary it will be 15 t0 20 dgree c

  • Gå til zafar iqbals profil

    innsent av  i Dubai forum 

    listen it depends, i wont say that this is not the right time to come to dubai and find job, infact u can find a lot of jobs in dubai but not permanent, so i rather advice stay where u r and apply online specially in government sector, so best of luck, hay btw let me tell u in this part of the world people r rasist so think twice before playing ur cards. more over there is a gud news 4 u, jabel ali airport is officialy opening on march 2011 and they want around 3000 staff so best of luck.

  • innsent av  i Dubai forum 

    So any time you can find a job
    it`s depends
    every Body will take what he Wish if he do what it`s need
    so if you wait the time, this mean you will wait some thing will never come
    if you start now than you can get your chance.
    Try once if you get that is great
    if you not you have the trying honer

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