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Living in Dubai as an American woman

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Is there any American in this forum who lives in Dubai or UAE?

I am considering moving there. My first thought about that place is that it is far too dangerous place for an American woman. But then I think, Dubai has large number of foreign workers, which can imply that the country is very tolerant and cosmopolitan place.

I was wondering, as American moving to Dubai, did you get used to the new environment quickly? Did you face any major problems?


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  • Hsam Hassan

    innsent av  i Dubai forum 

    I have been living here for about 15 years and also travelled to a lot of countries like Egypt, saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Turkey, Germany, and China. Frankl speaking, Dubai is the most wonderful place to live in the whole world. Very safe, open, easy. I have a lot of western friends who are from the states and Canada who share the same opinion. Good Luck

  • Firoze Kazi

    innsent av  i Dubai forum 

    not really.
    there are more than 100 nationalities living here.
    living anywhere in the world needs adjustment.


  • Asim Nazir

    innsent av  i Dubai forum 

    no great worries, people from all backgrounds, less but almost all. good palce to experience, no dangers what so ever...hope ull enjoy

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