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Hello to All

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My name is Sarah and i am in & from Manchester and should be moving to Thessaloniki very very soon, with my Greek partner (returning back to home sweet home is very important to him) and wonderful baby boy.
Very nerves but exited too. so i thought i just say hi’a to every one, and look forward to getting to know each other :-) peace out :-p

  • Anne Fyfe

    innsent av  i Thessaloniki forum 

    I`ve been living in Thessaloniki now for over 15 yrs...
    So here are a couple of groups you might like to join...sorry guy`s these are ladies only..

    I.W.O.G. International Women`s organization of Greece
    These ladies meet on the 2nd Wednesday of every month,for coffee, chat, net working etc , they also raise money for local charities..
    The next meeting is on the 14th October at Anatolia college. Ingal Hall starts at 10am..
    It`s 5 euros to go in if your not a member..membership is, I think 30 euros for the year.. It`s a good way to meet other ladies, English speaking..who have all been new comers to Greece at one time or another..and are living in or near Thessaloniki..

    The 2nd Organization is T.O.W.E.R. Thessaloniki`s Organization for Women Employment & Resources...
    They have a bulletin board where you can leave messages & see details for their next meetings...etc

    Good luck and hope you enjoy living here as much as I do..


  • innsent av  i Thessaloniki forum 

    im new in thessaloniki, juz moved here with my husband (greek) and now we're living in Filyro. NIce to meet someone new around here ^^

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